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04/13/20 02:11 PM #180    

Kenneth Cody

We had 71 degrees with a little wind and scattered showers  Suppose to be warmer rest of

week. Possibly get our first 80 degrees this week.Actually we have had it fairly good as we normally

get 80 temperatures by first of April or sooner. It will probley go from 78-80 to 90-100 next 

month, I have kept myself self quarantined going only to mail box and back to house,  I have been

on quarantine  since March 8. Gets a little boring. We have been doing church online since March 8.

I have to cancel my hotel reservations and flight reservations.

Hope everybody is doing well and that we will be able to get out among our friends safely next



04/15/20 09:32 AM #181    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

The all school-reunion has been postponed until next June.  Hopefully everyone will try to come and 

 enjoy visiting with everyone.

Tom was finally able to come home from Golden Acres Manor on Tuesday, April 7.  His foot is taking longer to heal because of the Charot foot.  Hopefully it will only get better every day.  He has xrays every 3 weeks to check the healing progress.


04/19/20 10:00 PM #182    

Janice Piatz (Hart)

Denny Land is in need of our prayers. He is in the hospital.He has pneumonia and will be starting dialysis.

05/05/20 10:07 AM #183    

Janice Piatz (Hart)

PLEASE PRAY for Darlene. She is having surgery and is in need of your prayers. We will keep you updated.

05/05/20 12:50 PM #184    


Russell Kraus

Will do ! 

05/07/20 01:42 PM #185    

Kenneth Cody

Prayers for Darlene and for family. Will add her to my prayer list 

06/16/20 08:06 PM #186    

Janice Piatz (Hart)

Up date on Darlene. She is doing rehab at Meadows Nursing Home at 1315 University Drive. Fargo, N. Dak. 58103. 

06/17/20 08:14 AM #187    


Mary Ann Straley

Thank you, Jannice.  I've been wondering how she's doing.  We are all getting old!  Sigh.

06/17/20 11:34 AM #188    


Larry Reisnouer

Mary Ann I prefer to say we are all getting "older".  I hope everyone is staying safe and that Darlene gets out of rehab soon.  

06/17/20 12:54 PM #189    


Mary Ann Straley

That is true, Larry, better choice of words.  But I do remember my dad, who lived to 88, saying in those last years that "getting old is hell."  I've learned he had something there!

06/17/20 01:33 PM #190    


Russell Kraus

Bottom Line, we aren't teen agers anymore and "should" act accordingly ! Everyone stay well !

Remember our 60th is but two years from now. 

06/18/20 11:14 AM #191    


Larry Reisnouer

I think I do act sort of my age.  I haven't let any beer freeze and explode in the trunk of my car for several years.  And I agree with Mary Ann's dad getting old can be hell.  I guess it's all what you make of it.  I have to go fertilize the tomatoes that should tell you something.   

06/18/20 03:54 PM #192    

Janice Piatz (Hart)

Denny is in the hospital again. He is having major heart surgery. His sister will keep me posted. The doctors did not sound hopeful.

06/19/20 07:57 AM #193    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Our prayers are being said for Denny as he goes through heart surgery.  We also pray for Darlene as she recovers from her surgery.

We may not realize ourselves that we the class of '62 are aging.  But if we band together, encourage each other, pray for each other miracles do happen.  Right now both Denny and Darlene need those prayers.  So classmates unite and say those prayers for the benefit of those mates from "62.  We all need a little help from our friends now and then.


06/19/20 09:41 AM #194    


Russell Kraus

Prayers for Darlene and Denny and any others from the Class of '62 with health issues that we're not aware of. Please keep your Class mates informed, it's relatively easy using the Class of '62 website. 

06/19/20 11:41 AM #195    


Larry Reisnouer

Geez Ivy it's great to have a little dialogue going here but you could skip the part about chin hair.  Reminds me of my Grandma now she was a character.  I have to take my almost 16 year old to his high school today to pick up his yearbook.  It's a drive through situation.  Since he got all A's he is doing the driving and he got to pick the car.  He is a good driver but his mom and grandma are fairly nervous.  Actually that's part of the fun.  Stay safe everyone.  

06/20/20 01:30 PM #196    


Larry Reisnouer

His choice was between the Corvette or the SSR.  The SSR is actually more unusual but he went with the Corvette.  He had no problem driving  and had a great time going through the line to pick up the yearbook while a bunch of his friends saw him driving.  I am pretty sure I had as much fun as he did.  

My brother-in-law had a small piece of concrete poured this morning so I need to drive out there and have a couple beers and watch the concrete dry for awhile.   Stay safe.    

06/20/20 02:35 PM #197    


Mary Kay Pederson (Hudyma)

I suddenly feel the need to get in on this discussion on aging.  I am a private, independent person but will share some of our aging concerns.  I have struggled wth type 2 diabetes for almost 18 years with no complications so far.  I had a knee replacement in November, 2018 and am very pleased with the results.  The hardest adjustment has been Nick's diagnosis of dementia about eighteen months ago.  He is able to live at home, but is very confused sometimes.  I have had to depend on our son an daughter who live in Dauphin and their families more often than I would like.  Life goes on, good days and not so good, but I realize we all face challenges with aging!  I appreciate this website and Facebook to keep in touch with classmates and high school friends!

06/20/20 02:59 PM #198    


Mary Ann Straley

Nice to hear what all the 70-something year olds are doing!  I am so fortunate to have had excellent health for 75 yrears, certainly not because I was exemplary in my life style, but the Irish (and other) genes must be good.  I am grateful!

Mary Kay, my heart goes out to you in dealing with Nick's dementia.  We have had so many friends go through that.  Please take good care of yourself!  Oftentimes, the caregiver ends up exhausted and not well him or herself.  It can be difficult to know when it's time to go to Plan B in these situations.  Stay well!  And find a copy of "Making Rounds With Oscar" to read.  You'll find it meaninful.

Ivy, I believe that address you have for Denny is their home address.

Everyone, shelter well and take care!  Virtual hugs! 

06/20/20 03:32 PM #199    

Janice Piatz (Hart)

Ivadel, The address you have is correct. Have a great weekend.


06/21/20 11:28 AM #200    


Larry Reisnouer

Mary Kay really sorry to hear of your siituation.  My wife's family has had similar.  It is great to see people using this forum a bit more.  I was hoping we could use it to exchange some memories or jokes or Ivy can tell us how to get rid of aphids by spraying vodka and lemonade on them.   I wonder if that would work.  Stay safe.

06/21/20 12:01 PM #201    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Hi Mary Kay, My husband had dimenyia and Parkinsons so I know this is not easy for you! It is hard to deal with someone who csnnot reason! or comprehend. He went to the Nursing Home when I broke my femer. So it was like the Lord stepped in and took over because he knew I could not take care of Ralph anymore! Make sure  you take time for yourself and go for coffee with frineds just to talk and be away from it for awhile:)

06/22/20 11:31 AM #202    


Larry Reisnouer

Ivy that wouldn't work for me I don't like lemonade.

06/22/20 09:19 PM #203    


Mary Kay Pederson (Hudyma)

Thank you for the responses of understanding and encouragement!  Hearing from others who have had friends and family members who have dealt with dementia is comforting!


07/01/20 11:12 PM #204    


Larry Reisnouer

You may have noticed I changed my photo.   I thought it was time since my other photo was 10 years old.  I was planning to use the other one for my obit but I think I out lived it.    Stay safe.    Larry

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