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07/14/20 11:42 AM #208    


Larry Reisnouer

Well I can tell you one of the more embarrassing things I did during my driving days.  I was single then, the truck was mostly home I kept my car at a truck stop in Devils Lake because that is where the truck was based out of and my parents lived there.  I had a load out of Minneapolis to Havre, Mt in the early spring, when I got to Fargo it was storming sort of a rain/snow mix and freezing.  I drove from Fargo to Devils Lake about 35 mph got to the truck stop and called my parents.  Mom answered and I told her I was coming out to spend the night her reply was be carful driving the roads are icey.  I will let you imagine my reply.  It was about 10-11 at night and my parents lived north of town about 8 miles on a gravel road.  My car was a 64 Pontiac GTO a bit over powered for a gravel road that was solid ice.  I put it in a ditch about 2 miles from my parents, left there and walked the rest of the way.  I told my mom she was sure right about the roads.   Your turn Denny.   Stay safe.

07/23/20 10:26 AM #209    


Larry Reisnouer

If you can't post a response it is because you aren't logged in.  You can read the message forum without being signed in but you can't respond.  For anyone riding the Empire Builder (Amtrac train) through Glacier Park book a couple night stop at The Issac Walton Inn.  It is a great little Inn that was originaly built for use by train crews.  

11/12/20 06:52 AM #210    

Janice Piatz (Hart)

Happy Birthday! Have a great day.        

11/13/20 09:04 AM #211    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Happy birthday to you janice! May your day be filled with happy memories! Have a wonderful day!


11/13/20 11:00 AM #212    

Kenneth Cody

Happy Birthday Janice. Enjoy your day.

11/13/20 02:29 PM #213    


Russell Kraus

Thanks for the Birthday wish ! Take care and stay well. Hopefully this pandemic will settle down soon and we can all get toghether again. 


12/02/20 09:20 AM #214    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Greetings Classmates of "62"

Thank you for the sweet angel of Willow Tree "thinking of you".  What a blessing to know that classmates are praying and thinking of oneself and spouse when going thru a scary time.  Everyday Dick is improving and getting stronger.  Just dropped him off for cardiac rehab so know hes going to get a workout this morn.  But I must tell you of the wonderful world of medicine in this state.  The confidence they give one at a moment of crisis, and the respect they show for patients.  We are so lucky to have them. 

While I was occupied and living in a hotel, I see I missed a couple of birthdays.  So belated Happy Birthday to Janice and Russ.  I'm sure your celebrations were fun and happy.  We must celebrate every single one!  And we must celebrate each other.  Friendships are special and long lasting ones, like classmates, are extra precious.


12/02/20 03:12 PM #215    


Russell Kraus

Thanks for the Birthday wish Barb. Keep providing that great care to your patient, Dick, and take care of your self. Hopefully we can all get together and toast each other soon.

12/07/20 05:49 PM #216    


Larry Reisnouer

This is for Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

I have recently been going through some old photos of my Dads.  In the process I came across about 20 photos of a parade.  They must have been from a Centennial or something of that sort, women watching the parade are dressed in old time long dresses, men have beards etc.  Newest cars in photos are 1958.  There are abouit 20 photos and they are color transparancies.  (slides)  I would like to give them to someone in Carrington would you ask around please.   

12/07/20 08:25 PM #217    


Russell Kraus

That would most likely be the 75th Anniversary, great celebration. Foster County now has a very nice museum, out by the Fairgrounds, many of us saw it during our reunion in '08. I know I was impressed. I'm certain Darlene can provide you with contact information. 

Have a great day ! 


12/08/20 11:06 AM #218    


Larry Reisnouer

Hey Russ.  That would work I just hate to throw photos like this away but they don't mean any hing to me.  They are pretty good photos showing floats, the high school band and people watching.  Good idea thanks.  Stay safe.  I should probably change that photo.

04/05/21 03:19 PM #219    

Arne Boyum

Please post an address for Tom Tennyson 

04/05/21 04:07 PM #220    


Mary Ann Straley

I believe it's 582 2nd St S
Carrington, ND 58421

04/06/21 10:52 AM #221    

Arne Boyum

Thank you

04/26/21 07:44 PM #222    

Kenneth Cody


I think Medora was great. Any time.

Ken Cody

09/22/21 10:19 AM #223    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL 3! Jill Walt & Arnie may you all have a wonderful day of 



11/04/21 11:45 AM #224    


Larry Reisnouer

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday.  (The wishes weren't on this forum)  I mention it here because I still have hopes that as the next reunion gets closer people will start to use this forum more.  It could be a bit like our private Facebook. (which I don't care for)  If anyone gives a damn I updated my profile I was amazed at how out of date it was.  Hey Ivy I guess because you are a year older than me you are a year wiser.   

11/05/21 11:02 AM #225    


Larry Reisnouer

You know I must have had a bad experience when I was a kid I have never liked costumes for halloween.  I always helped with my kids stuff and always took my grandson in his costumes but personally not so much.  But I have a story:  I just bought a refurbished X-box, race car games and steering wheel controller.  Why you ask, because I recently got my butt kicked by my 10 year old grandson on his X-box with his "super thumbs".  So I am gettting ready for "super thumbs" when he shows up for here Thanksgiving.  I figure I have the advantage for the first two hours.    Just so you know my wife thinks I have gone a bit over the top.   (I need to change that photo)

12/15/21 11:54 AM #226    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Sane to you & Bruce!!


06/30/22 02:48 PM #227    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Greetings Classmates, 

We were excited yesterday when arriving home, after a long day at appointments in Bismarck, when picking up the mail.

In the mail was a card from all the classmates and spouses that were at the reunion in Carrington.  What an spark of JOY that card gave to us!  We thought of all of you while you were there and were very envious of all of you.  But this card gave us such a heart warming surprise, thank you.  We are so grateful for remembering us.

We are still in the testing mode, trying to figure out just what is going on and happening.  Nothing is speedy about the medical field as I'm sure you all know.  

But I say just bring on the next reunion, the sooner the better!

Barb & Dick

08/31/22 06:03 PM #228    


Larry Reisnouer

Sometime  ago I said I was going to change the photo of me in the mask.  I finally got around to it.   That Is  Desi she is our daughters year old minature schnauzer.  We dog sit her a lot.  I think the photo is an improvement.    

09/19/22 12:21 PM #229    


Larry Reisnouer

Okay I changed the photo again.  I thought maybe if I put the puppy photo in here we ccould get some sort of chat going.  Anyway we just got back from visiting friends in Boise wandered around an old mining town and had lunch at St Chapell Winery where I managed to buy some very good wine that I am saving for Thanksgiving. 

02/04/23 09:48 AM #230    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)

Mary Ann posted on her Facebook a picture of our combination class when we were in first grade and the third grade class.  Weren't we in a combination class in our fourth grade with the sixth graders?  Seems as if the same students were in that second combination class.  Does anybody have a picture of that year?

Won't forget the first day of school when we were sitting in Mrs. Wenstrom's room and then our names were called to go to the room across the hall to join the third graders.  My Mother sent a hanky along and I forgot it back in Mrs. W room.  Somebody came to the door and asked if it belonged to any of us.  I was so bashful and didn't raise my hand.

Then in fourth grade, we were in the room above our first grade room in another combination room with an attractive young teacher that I can't remember her name.  I tell my grandchildren that our art project was a copied picture from a color book and we were to color it the same way the teacher had.  Same in second grade.  Won't forget the jack-o-lantern picture that Mary Ann and I colored by pushing our orange crayon hard on the picture for a vivid orange pumpkin.  That teacher, Miss Lee???? lived in Mayville when I was teaching in Mayville.  Her niece was in my fourth grade class and told me that her aunt was my second grade teacher.  Wish she had come to the school to visit me.

Thank you Mary Ann for sending the picture.  It jars many grade school memories.  

02/05/23 10:06 AM #231    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)


Did not know that pictures were on those files.  I've looked at the pictures of the reunions, but didn't know that pictures were under the titles of Grade School and Grade School Classes.  

You did a great job on our web site.  Many thanks!

02/05/23 03:00 PM #232    


Russell Kraus

I for one was in the 1st Grade combo, because os a late arrival in Carrington, but was ot in the 4th grade combo. as it appears those were classmates with last names starting with N or later in the alphabet, 

Enjoy your day !


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