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12/22/17 11:21 AM #94    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Thanks for the update.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.  It's cold here and some snow.  Below zero wind temps for Christmas Day but we know how to deal with it. 

03/08/18 04:20 PM #95    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

We lost another classmate Wed. Mar. 7.  Frank DeBolt died after a short illness of cancer.  Please  remember his wife Ada and their family in your prayers.  I will send an obituary when I get one.  Darlene

03/10/18 08:31 AM #96    

Frank DeBolt

Darlene, He died Thursday March 8, thanks for your thoughts.You can find the obit in Jamestown Sun .

05/11/18 07:03 PM #97    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Received a call this evening from Becky Klein, Sonja Rudolph's sister.  Sonja fell and broke her hip.  Its been surgically repaired and she is in rehab in Ava Maria Rehab Center in Jamestown.  Her husband, Ralph has also been admitted into Ava Maria.  I'm sure Sonja would appreciate prayers from classmates.  I will keep you posted on any further news of Sonja.

Barb (Willey) Silkey





05/12/18 01:55 PM #98    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Thanks for the info.  Jan and I are planning on going to visit her next week.

05/19/18 01:52 PM #99    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Jan and I went to see Sonja in Ava Maria on Monday.  She is doing well with physical therapy twice a day.  They keep her busy.  She doesn't have her computer with her, so she isn't able to communicate with anyone.  Her cell # is 701-320-2505 if anyone would like to call her.

06/03/18 04:52 PM #100    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Thaks  for all your prayers and well wishes. I am home  and doing well. Hoem health is comining for awhile. A good friend is actually staying here with me. I am so grateful!

06/04/18 07:16 AM #101    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Sonja, So happy you are home and able to heal in your own home.  And the added blessing of having a friend stay with you for exra assistance is frosting on the cake.  We think of you often and wish we were closer so we could see you but miles come between us.  We do get home as often as possible to see Doris but that too is quite a full day trip for us.  Praying for you and Ralph as you journey through this trying time.


Barb & Dick

06/06/18 10:02 AM #102    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

​Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!

​I'm doing quit well with the surgery, the sicatic nerve on the opposite leg is just really very painful!

​Tomorrow I will get a steriod shot and if that works I can start Pt again! I walk around the house and to the car etc with the aide of my walker.

​Mary is sticking with me yet. I am so lucky. I am not so sure I could be here by my self if it were'nt for her. Jan has offered to come and help, too! That is so nice. She and Darlene are good medicine:)

​Sorry to hear Doris cannot be up and about anymore. So sad. I know it is difficult for you two.  Those miles often get in the way of what we would like to do.

​Take care and think of you often!

​Love Sonja

09/11/18 03:56 PM #103    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)


Thank you all so much for the Angel we received with sympathy for the death of Dick's mom, Doris.  She had been in Golden Acres for a year and had steadily gotten worse.  She was approaching her 98 birthday in November.  I only hope that most of us could live life to the fullest as she did up until a year ago.  Our Lord decided he wanted her to spend her time with Him in heaven.  And so we mourn our loss.  As the angel message states, "Apart maybe in distance, but never in heart."

Thank you Darlene and Janice for attending; it was wonderful to see you both.

Barb & Dick Silkey 

11/12/18 02:32 PM #104    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

I am wondering why I don't get the notices of the upcoming birthdays and comments anymore?  I don't know how to get back on. Please someone help me.

12/24/18 02:25 PM #105    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)


Denver area won't be having a white Christmas this year.  Temperatures are in the 40's.  Mother Nature needs the moisture.  Please....just snow or rain.....not the icy stuff.

Tonight, Christmas Eve, we will be 7 doors down with Heidi and family.  Her Cajun husband will be cooking a Cajun meal.  Tomorrow will be at our house for Bruce's roasted turkey and trimmings.  A Treasure Hunt is planned tomorrow for the grandgirls to solve the clues for their treasures/Christmas gifts.

Enjoy your family and friends ALWAYS!!!!

Smiles from Bruce and me

12/26/18 07:56 AM #106    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)






12/26/18 01:16 PM #107    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)


Merry Christmas to all classmates and Blessings in the New Year 2019.  Praying for JOY for each of you!  It started snowing here about 3 o'clock this morning (Weds) and still snowing buckets on us.  Hoping this stops and driving will not be a problem as eldest son, Tim & Missy, will be coming in from Minnesota on Friday.  Their kids, one  recent college graduate and one college age will not be coming but thats okay--time moves on and we accept that.

Our Christmas was spent both eve and day with middle son, Steve &  Chris, twin grandsons Brett & Kyle, and granddaughter, Rachel.  And 2 labs, granddog Molly and our dog Willow, also a heintz 57 great granddog, Remi , rescued from Texas.  The dogs all exchange presents and get extra from the humans.  Its a ruckus time as they love opening their gifts and their humans spend their time supervising and laughing till it hurts.

We skyped with son David & Uly in California during this time too.  They live in South Lake Tahoo and they were getting lots of snow .  Planning a snowboarding jaunt after we were off skyp.

So our Christmas was wild with the dogs, humans playing board and card games, & eating to much. Today Dick and I rest up for the next gathering of the clan.  And always remembering these are the times to treasure and cherish.


12/27/18 07:21 AM #108    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

You had alot going on at your house! Fun to hear how everyone was arriving at different times etc. Hope the next group does not run into bad weather!  Stay safe!




12/27/18 04:06 PM #109    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)


Nice to hear from Sonja and Barb.  Like to hear from more of you.  Christmas traditions?  Christmas memories?  Bucket list?

Barb was hoping that the weather will be good traveling weather for their MN family.  For us, the worst traveling time I can remember was when we were stationed in Meridian, MS for Bruce's Navy jet training.  Meridian, MS was far from an ideal location to train beginner pilots.  Stennis was the Congressman and encouraged the Navy to have their training field north of Meridian.  Those student pilots spent a lot of time on the ground until the fog cleared.  Mississippi's middle name is Fog.  Stennis was good to the military and today has an air craft carrier named after him.  

Student pilots had a long Christmas break and we drove to North Dakota with our little 3 month old baby, Heidi.  South of Iowa the roads started to get slippery.  More freezing rain, then snow, and then the Dakota wind started up.  I-29 closed and we had to pull off at Sioux Falls to spend a couple of nights until the interstate opened.  Luckily, I was nursing Heidi so I didn't have to worry about milk formula.  We didn't even consider checking on the weather before we started out, unless it blew up suddenly.  Now we check the weather for any wrinkle in our life.  A!nd the forecast isn't always correct!!!!

Sonja, the Treasure Hunt worked quite well.  Some of the clues were right in front of them, but they were part of the Christmas decorations.  Claire and Jamie are getting older and need challenges.

Good holiday weather and good 20019 weather!  2018 has been a year of some uglies.

Classmate Ivy





12/28/18 08:04 AM #110    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Our raging winter strom has passed. Sun is shining, but windchill warnings of feeling like 30 below! I may venture out this afternoon to get the mail. The storm left more snow than we have had all year, so everyone is digging out! I am lucky to have such a good landlord who gets out and cleans things off right away!

Let us know how your family makes it or not Barb. It sound like ice in the east. This is why the girls quit coming home at ChristmS. I did go to WA the first part of attend our granddaughters Nutcracker. She is really maturing into a strong dancer! 

Spent Sat with Adele and Christmas with Ralph. 

May you all have a blessed New Year!



12/28/18 01:09 PM #111    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)


Sonja, family is on the way as I write this.  I'll breathe easier when they arrive tonight. 

Jill, thank you for the nice planner book.  It will come in handy even tho, now at this age, I try not to plan to much.  Want to be more of a free spirit----hehe.  Thinking of being a free spirit, started to remember our suppers at each other's house's.  Remember being at your place and all of us were wearing stirrup pants!   We danced all over your frontroom!  We all thought we were the cats pajamas as we were dressed so smart.  Funny how those memories come flooding back at certain times. 


12/29/18 07:46 AM #112    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Good Morning!  Glad to hear your kids are on the way Barb. I know I always am wondering where they are at etc. when our kids are traveling to our house. 

And Jill thanks from me for the planner. I am tracking Ralph's days with mine:)

It is -1 this morning. Plan on going into town today. Hope it is all plowed out. Have a good day all!


12/29/18 08:34 AM #113    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)

While cleaning up the kitchen after supper, I turned on the national news.  Good grief!  Pictures of Grand Forks was a tell tale why one would worry about loved ones traveling in that storm.

WI daughter Dawn and family returned from FL and called to report what met them in the Cities and that the main roads were open for their safe return to Eau Claire.  Rain started in that storm and then it froze and the snow followed.  Their driveway is an ice skating rink

Weather has been very nice in this area of CO.  Never know when the other shoe will fall and then it might be a payback.  Uffda! 

Storm frowns - Ivy.



12/29/18 01:57 PM #114    


Jill Rogelstad (Wagner)

Hi to all my classmates,

We've had snow in Spokane 4 times but only 2 or 3 inches each time so not to much to shovel. My neightbor came over today and shoveled and caught her out there as was washing clothes and trying to catch up some while niece at work but gets home early on Saturdays around 4:30.,Niece found a house on south hill so said you'd never see me up there in winter. The hills get awful icy after it snows. Ivy thanks for what you send me on e-mail as very interesting. Happy New Year to all and a wonderful 2019. Great nephew getting married July 26th so will try and go back as getting married in Horse out of Fargo. Never been there.. Not sure how I'll go as flying to Louisville July 6th for Eagles Grand Convention and coming home the 12th. Friend will meet me in Branson if I find I can go. Good luck to all of you. Take care each and everyone of you. Jill Wagner

01/01/19 09:37 AM #115    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)


Cajun son-in-law invited us over for black eyed peas and a cabbage meal.  Black-eyed peas for health and cabbage for wealth.

Last night the temperatures were cold in the single digits like many New Year Eve's in ND.  Remember the Armory had the party dances to bring in the New Years?  Had to walk for blocks to reach it due to the snow banks on each side of the one and a half lane unplowed streets and froze our feet (heels with panty hose) because we weren't going to look ugly with boots on.  Were we tough or just teen age stupid?

2019 smiles - Ivy


01/01/19 09:51 AM #116    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)


The town in ND where you will be attending a wedding is Horace.  It is southwest of Fargo in Cass County.  Because of its location to Fargo, Horace population is growing.  My cousin, Kim Stokes, lives in Horace.  Kim is Erling Stokes's second son; Doug (deceased) is his brother, Charlene and Lavon his sisters.  

You certainly put on a lot of miles as you fly to and from your conventions.  Happy to hear that your health makes it possible to travel.  

01/05/19 01:29 PM #117    

Ivadell (Ivy) Stokes (Parizek)


Just saw NDSU win FCS championship game in Frisco, TX.  What a game!  What a team!

Bleachers were dominated with the yellow/green Bison colors.  Carolyn's son, Greg, played on the Bison team many years ago.  The alumni were invited to attend this game for a get together.  Greg and family drove to TX for the reunion.  Most of that yellow could have been the football alumni with fans.

Third quarter was out of sight!  

Bronco's need a quarter back.  Easton Sticks would be welcomed.  Bring the Bison coach along, too.

When Greg played for the championship game in McAllen, TX (many years back), his father, John, called us the morning of the game when we lived in Georgetown, TX to ask if we were going to attend the game.  We didn't know about the game and informed John that we needed a day ahead notice to plan for that trip.  It is about a 5 hour drive to McAllen. 

Dakota smiles - Ivy



01/05/19 04:34 PM #118    


Russell Kraus

Congradulations, CHS Class of '62 Bison Alums and  Fans ! As usual NDSU Bisons have done an excellant job of representing NDSU / (the AC) and North Dakota. We all need to be Bison Proud !

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