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07/25/17 12:08 PM #80    


Russell Kraus

Thanks for the recap IVY.

NOTE: A series of 55th reunion pictures will be placed on the website in the very near furture. If you have pictures you're will to share please email them to me.

So good to see everyone again !! - We wish everyone could have been there ! (You were missed !)

Arne Boyum

Ken Cody

Sonja Cook (Randolph)

Frank DeBolt

Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Walter Heintz

Clayton Hirsch

Russ Kraus

Denny Land

Charles Linderman

Larry Lura

Carole Pepple (Neuman)

Mary Kay Pederson (Hudyma)

Janice Piatz (Hart)

Janette Putterbaugh (Ryan)

Gerald Reule

Jill Rogelstad (Wagner)

Roger Schroeder

Linda Siebert (Moser)

Ivadel Stokes (Parizek)

Mary Ann Straley

Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Karen & Bob, below, and originally said they'd be there but couldn't make it, sorry you two you missed an excellant reunion.

Karen Roth (Huso)

Robert Seitz

Have a great remainder of the summer, keep watching for reunion photos and comments, plus some redo to the web site !

Class of '62


07/25/17 01:48 PM #81    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Thank You, Ivy! 

You took it upon your shoulders to plan an event from a distance for a bunch of classmates and pulled it off as perfect as possible!  Every scheduled event came off without a hitch, your program was an enjoyable hoot, and everyone enjoyed the frosting on the cake of your sisters roasting you.  We all know just how much work and prep went into all and we thank you for that. 

I am so grateful for each and every classmate and the kinship we enjoy together.  As crazy as this world can be sometimes, this feeling of being grounded with all these mates in this place we grew up in,  is such a feeling of contentment.

Hats off, Ivy!

Barb Willey Silkey    

07/25/17 02:50 PM #82    


Russell Kraus

Very well stated Barb, it was a great weekend with special people in the town that assisted in developing each of us into who we are today. Defintely worth the time and the two day drive, wish a few more could have made it, they were missed.

08/02/17 04:32 PM #83    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Roger Schroeder's wife, Linda had knee surgery this week.  I'm sure she would appreciate prayers for her speedy recovery.

08/03/17 08:09 AM #84    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Thank you She will be in my prayers!!

08/17/17 08:27 AM #85    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

We forgive you !  We would not have had much of a reunion had it not been for you planning all of it for all of us. You are allowed a mistake or tweo:)

08/17/17 01:11 PM #86    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

I agree with Sonja--without your hardwork on the reunion--we would not have had such a great time.  

Ivy, we appreciate all effort and time that went into planning the 55th!


08/18/17 11:49 AM #87    

Kenneth Cody


You did well. We all appreciate every thing you do for our reunions.



09/09/17 02:52 PM #88    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Thank you classmates for the angel I received in the mail.  Surgery is over and am on the road to healing.  My future will not include any weightlifting contests ever again but I can live with that!  As soon as I get rid of this immobilizer, which I  must say is quite the fashion statement, you can bet it will be a thrill!









09/10/17 07:25 AM #89    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Barb did not know you were having surgery. I am happy you did well. Will pray for continued healing:)smiley


09/11/17 10:33 AM #90    


Russell Kraus

Great news Barb, take care, don't overdo and listen and heed what the Doctor's and Nurses advise. 

Russ & Fran 


11/11/17 02:22 PM #91    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Russell, hope you have a great birthday.  Don't celebrate too much.

11/12/17 07:08 AM #92    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

i hope you had a very nwnorable birthday!


11/12/17 02:59 PM #93    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Russell that was supposed to read hope you have a very memorable birthday!  That was not a secret code:)

12/22/17 11:21 AM #94    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Thanks for the update.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.  It's cold here and some snow.  Below zero wind temps for Christmas Day but we know how to deal with it. 

03/08/18 04:20 PM #95    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

We lost another classmate Wed. Mar. 7.  Frank DeBolt died after a short illness of cancer.  Please  remember his wife Ada and their family in your prayers.  I will send an obituary when I get one.  Darlene

03/10/18 08:31 AM #96    

Frank DeBolt

Darlene, He died Thursday March 8, thanks for your thoughts.You can find the obit in Jamestown Sun .

05/11/18 07:03 PM #97    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Received a call this evening from Becky Klein, Sonja Rudolph's sister.  Sonja fell and broke her hip.  Its been surgically repaired and she is in rehab in Ava Maria Rehab Center in Jamestown.  Her husband, Ralph has also been admitted into Ava Maria.  I'm sure Sonja would appreciate prayers from classmates.  I will keep you posted on any further news of Sonja.

Barb (Willey) Silkey





05/12/18 01:55 PM #98    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Thanks for the info.  Jan and I are planning on going to visit her next week.

05/19/18 01:52 PM #99    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

Jan and I went to see Sonja in Ava Maria on Monday.  She is doing well with physical therapy twice a day.  They keep her busy.  She doesn't have her computer with her, so she isn't able to communicate with anyone.  Her cell # is 701-320-2505 if anyone would like to call her.

06/03/18 04:52 PM #100    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

Thaks  for all your prayers and well wishes. I am home  and doing well. Hoem health is comining for awhile. A good friend is actually staying here with me. I am so grateful!

06/04/18 07:16 AM #101    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)

Sonja, So happy you are home and able to heal in your own home.  And the added blessing of having a friend stay with you for exra assistance is frosting on the cake.  We think of you often and wish we were closer so we could see you but miles come between us.  We do get home as often as possible to see Doris but that too is quite a full day trip for us.  Praying for you and Ralph as you journey through this trying time.


Barb & Dick

06/06/18 10:02 AM #102    


Sonja Cook (Rudolph)

​Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!

​I'm doing quit well with the surgery, the sicatic nerve on the opposite leg is just really very painful!

​Tomorrow I will get a steriod shot and if that works I can start Pt again! I walk around the house and to the car etc with the aide of my walker.

​Mary is sticking with me yet. I am so lucky. I am not so sure I could be here by my self if it were'nt for her. Jan has offered to come and help, too! That is so nice. She and Darlene are good medicine:)

​Sorry to hear Doris cannot be up and about anymore. So sad. I know it is difficult for you two.  Those miles often get in the way of what we would like to do.

​Take care and think of you often!

​Love Sonja

09/11/18 03:56 PM #103    


Barbara Willey (Silkey)


Thank you all so much for the Angel we received with sympathy for the death of Dick's mom, Doris.  She had been in Golden Acres for a year and had steadily gotten worse.  She was approaching her 98 birthday in November.  I only hope that most of us could live life to the fullest as she did up until a year ago.  Our Lord decided he wanted her to spend her time with Him in heaven.  And so we mourn our loss.  As the angel message states, "Apart maybe in distance, but never in heart."

Thank you Darlene and Janice for attending; it was wonderful to see you both.

Barb & Dick Silkey 

11/12/18 02:32 PM #104    


Darlene Hafner (Tennyson)

I am wondering why I don't get the notices of the upcoming birthdays and comments anymore?  I don't know how to get back on. Please someone help me.

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